A holistic approach

At The Berry Patch we believe it is important to have a holistic approach to education that enriches the whole child — mind, body & spirit. It is our belief that these early developmental years are best spent in shaping all these areas versus focusing solely on academic rigor. Our hands-on, play-based morning program allows for much creativity as well as enrichment. To that end, we include programs unique to most preschools to provide a more holistic experience. Those include:


We have our own music teacher who holds weekly music classes. Your child will experience classical, folk and international music with an introduction to instruments and movement. Your child will have the opportunity to participate in our annual Christmas & Spring Concerts.

Spanish Language

We offer monthly Spanish classes for all our students. We are a global society, thus we feel it is important to offer this opportunity to the children. Your child will learn the beginning concepts of the Spanish language in a fun, creative way. We know, at The Berry Patch, early introduction to a foreign language makes a smooth transition into elementary school where they will be studying a language.

Field Trips

We believe field trips are an important component to our program. Each month we take a field trip to a location related to our monthly theme or we invite a special guest to share their expertise about the subject we are studying.


Another way we help your child pursue a holistic education is through our outreach program, Children Serving Others (CSO). This program allows children to learn the importance of reaching out to others in our community and around the world through monthly service projects. Our objective with CSO is to help each child learn to become other-focused, rather than self-focused.


The final element to our holistic approach is that of faith. It is our desire that each child enrolled at The Berry Patch learn about the heart of God. Values like loving others, serving others and respecting one another are important to us at The Berry Patch. These values are at the core of our curriculum. The Berry Patch is not formally affiliated with any particular branch of the Christian faith and our curriculum does not include specific religious content. We are pleased to welcome children of all faiths to our school.

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